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Daelim B& CO

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Daelim B&Co is the largest Bathroom fixture company in South Korea Since its foundation in 1968, Daelim B&Co has been the market leader of vitreous china bathroom and utilities in South Korea, and has elevated the quality of living standard through the provision of high-quality bathroom products. Daelim B&Co has two of manufacturing plants in local area, with the combined annual capacity of 1.2 million pieces of vitreous china ceramic sanitary ware articles.

Product range
1. Shower toilet division
Shower toilet, electric bidet
2. Ceramic bathroom division
Water closet, wash basin, urinals, other
related toilet accessories
3. Tile division
Bathroom wall, floor, kitchen wall and others

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icon 회원 가입일   2008/10/09 (년/월/일)
icon 역할 구분   판매상
icon 사업형태   제조업체
icon 설립년도   1968
icon 총 종업원수   501 - 1000
icon 연간매출   USD 50,000,001 - 100,000,000

[ 연락처 정보 ]
icon 회사명 Daelim B& CO
icon 주소 2F, JS B/D, 213-5, Nonhyeon - 2Dong, Gangnam-Gu Seoul Korea
(우:135-829) 한국
icon 전화번호 82 - 2 - 31416311
icon 팩스번호 82 - 2 - 5468680
icon 홈페이지
icon 담당자 Sue S. Lee / Manager

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